Should You Be Taking Supplements?

9 May 2023

Should I be taking supplements?” In clinical practice, I get asked this question a lot. Most of the time, I say no. Not because I don’t like supplements, but because I don’t think it should be the first place to start when trying to improve your health.

I suggest improving your diet; remove poor-quality processed foods, sugar, farmed fish and dairy. Add more good quality sources of protein and fats from meats and fish, and think of going keto, for example.

Many people “self-medicate” with supplements; the problem is you have no way of knowing if you’re deficient in anything, and if you are, why are you deficient in the first place?

(SEE MY BLOG: Are Supplements Worth Buying?)

On the occasions I recommend a supplement, it is because I think it will benefit you based on what you may have told me in your medical case history or what I have observed throughout treatments.

It is tempting to suggest supplements, but if we, as practitioners, do this, we’re still not addressing the root causes.

High street stores will recommend at least two to three different supplements without even considering you as a whole and giving any thought about your medical history. This is why the UK supplement industry is estimated to achieve a total of £457 million in value sales in 2021; they’re there to sell, but please don’t take medical advice from them!

What Supplements Do I Recommend?

Occasionally, I will recommend the below vitamins or minerals regardless of how well you think you are eating. These supplements are (in no order).

Magnesium– presents in different forms: Glycinate, Threonine, Citrate and Oxide, and is responsible for around 200 different processes in the body. Magnesium is one of the few supplements that you will notice a real difference from taking, especially if you have tight muscles, frequently get muscle cramps, suffer from constipation or have trouble with sleep.

I recommend Magnesium Glycinate or Threonine for muscular issues because it absorbs into the muscles better than Citrate. However, for those with constipation, I recommend Magnesium Citrate.

Fish Oils– Fats found in fish oils are anti-inflammatory, required for hormone synthesis and used in joint health, eye health, skin health and liver function. And as mum used to say, it’s “brain food” backed by science for essential brain function.

Vitamin B12- this converts carbohydrates into useable glucose to maintain energy levels. It prevents memory loss and lowers neurodegenerative disease and cognitive function. Great news for Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s groups. B12 Sublingual Hydroxocobalamin is also recommended in cases of suspected mercury toxicity.

Vitamin D3 + K2– People living in the UK don’t get enough sunlight exposure to maintain levels of Vitamin D all year round. Vitamin D can help fight fatigue and maintain bone and teeth density as it absorbs and utilises calcium, muscle strength and function, improving skin and eye health. A deficiency has been associated with increased autoimmune conditions and protection against some cancers, heart disease and T2D. Vitamin D has been shown to inhibit some inflammatory responses.

K2 is effective in blood clotting. The Framingham Heart Study has shown a decrease in hip fractures with people taking K2. It is also good for decreasing OA in the hand and knee. (Note K2 may not be suitable for those on blood thinners).

Should You Buy These Supplements?

Just because these are my most suggested supplements, this doesn’t mean you should go out now and buy them. If you’re not feeling your best, speak to your GP so they can go into your medical history and work out what they think is really going on.

Can I suggest a better alternative?

Yes, I can! I am delighted to recommend a company I trust and use for my Vitamins, minerals, probiotics and supplements, and I am an official distributor of, Cytoplan.

What makes them so special?

Cytoplan Ltd. is a British owned and independent charitable foundation. They are not constrained by the typical commercial pressures for profit or conflicting issues of parental ownership that afflict many companies in the marketplace.

They provide a unique range of supplements comprising Food State™ and Wholefood vitamins and minerals.

o Thousands of health professionals are using their products in the UK – and around the world

o Leaders in food-based supplementation

o Founded and run by health practitioners

All Cytoplan products are manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities.

How Can I Order from Cytoplan?

Call me and discuss your needs. I can help with a personalised plan.

Need More Help?

Call me now on 07594 072500 or email

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Shoulder Fix

11 December 2023

Having recently fractured the ball in my shoulder socket and badly damaged the soft tissue in my arm, I was recommended by my Physiotherapist to have some treatment with Marcus. I have found his knowledge, and advice on exercises extremely helpful and beneficial, and feel sure that my recovery in gaining full movement again is due to his treatment. I highly recommend him.


Scoliosis neck pain

5 December 2023

I feel the difference after my treatment sessions with Marcus, and I highly recommend him. I suffered from a horribly stiff neck for years due to having scoliosis since childhood, and stretches, exercising, and physio had not worked. From my first appointment with Marcus, the stiffness and discomfort I felt in my neck mostly went away. I felt great relief from the first session, and I have sessions every few months to address my scoliosis aches and pains as well as smaller aches and to maintain health and good mobility in my body. I always come away feeling benefits which are both instantaneous and lasting. Marcus is very professional, and I feel that his studies in Physiotherapy and Osteopathy keep him at the forefront of skills in practice. His approach is very holistic, and he’s shared his ideas and naturopathic beliefs with me regarding nutrition and sleep which have helped me improve my health. Professional and with a warm and positive energy, I look forward to my appointments and feel grateful for the benefits I’ve received from my sessions with him.


Foot Pain

24 November 2023

I must thank Marcus for his guidance in helping me heal my plantar fasciitis! I had been suffering plantar fasciitis pain since February 2023 and had seen two physiotherapists and a massage therapist, but they couldn’t get it gone, even with acupuncture and exercise. I finally got directed to Marcus in September. We discussed toe curls with a tea towel, weighted towel, a tennis ball to mobilise my foot, and a bottle of frozen water to help with the discomfort and swelling! We also worked on toe and calf strength and deep massage of my foot too. Following all his advice and treatments, I found more comfort after each visit. I can now walk without pain or feeling like I have a rock in my shoe. Thank you, Marcus.


Equine Therapy

23 November 2023

In our capacity as an equestrian competition organisation, we frequently encounter the necessity for injury treatments pertaining to both riders and horses within the regions of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

In an industry that necessitates optimal physical performance from both riders and horses on a consistent basis, the presence of a therapist possessing great talent, knowledge, understanding, and insight becomes imperative to uphold such standards.

The manual technique employed by Marcus, devoid of mechanical assistance, remains important in effectively addressing the physical requirements imposed on our performers and their equine companions. Marcus’s demeanour and methodology have a soothing effect, while his comprehension of the physical demands associated with any sort of performance has significant importance for our group. We have all developed a dependence on and confidence in Marcus’s discernment and care. His ability to provide riders with insight into the causes of injuries, methods of treatment, and strategies for maintaining a state of freedom from injury and discomfort is an invaluable resource for our community.

We are privileged to have an individual of Marcus’s exceptional quality in proximity to our location in Bucks/Herts.


Above and beyond

8 November 2023

My late wife was diagnosed with breast cancer back in February 2021. After much discussion, she decided to have a mastectomy and suffered the consequential cording post-operation. Marcus was introduced through a friend who had had lymph drainage for their legs. On the initial visit, Marcus was most empathetic, kind and considerate and discussed the treatment he could deliver at length. My wife would always report feeling so much better after his treatments, and we hold regard for him as a family. Since her passing in December last, Marcus has continued to keep in touch with me and has pulled me out of many a dark place. He is a true gent and friend. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone.